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Our Story

The top asparagus breeders in the Southern Hemisphere.

Established in 1990, by Dr Peter and Linda Falloon, the core focus of Aspara Pacific, has been on improving spear quality and yield to allow growers to be market leaders.

Located in New Zealand, Aspara Pacific Ltd is dedicated to developing the best genetics to help growers throughout the world achieve their farming and financial goals.


Meet The Team


Dr Peter G Falloon

(B. Agri. Sci (Hons 1) PhD)

Asparagus Breeder and International Consultant

Peter is a plant breeder with over 40 years of experience working with asparagus. He graduated from Lincoln University in 1979 with a Bachelor of Agricultural Science with first class honours in Agronomy and Plant Physiology. Prior to founding Aspara Pacific, he spent 10 years with the NZ Department of Scientific and Industrial research as an asparagus breeder. During this time, he studied for his PhD at the University of California, Davis; working on the asparagus diseases Phytophthora rot, Purple Spot and Stemphylium Leaf Spot. 

Peter's research has resulted in over 100 scientific publications. His expertise and wealth of knowledge in this field qualifies him to offer a comprehensive consultancy service.

More about our Consultancy service >>


Linda Falloon

(B.Sc, Dip Agr Sci.)

Tissue Culture Specialist

Linda runs our plant tissue culture laboratory, which is the key to our success in producing virus free seed. With over 30 years of experience in this field, Linda's skills in micro- propogation of asparagus means we can fast track high health seed to growers throughout the world.


Matthew Falloon


The Next Generation

Having recently returned from Europe, Matthew took a career change to join Aspara Pacific in 2016. His attention to detail and staff management expertise are ideal skills for running our high health asparagus nursery and quarantine greenhouses, producing early generation and pathogen tested potato seed.
Production of high health asparagus crowns is an exacting business with Aspara Pacific being the sole producer of high health asparagus crowns in NZ.

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