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Pacific Challenger F1

Pacific Challenger F1 is the world's first Phytophthora tolerant asparagus variety, making it the perfect choice for ensuring longevity of your asparagus bed, and saving you replanting costs.​

The back story: As a result of scientific investigation, two Phytophthora tolerant varieties were created - Pacific Challenger 1 and Pacific Challenger 2.

Further trials showed that Pacific Challenger 2 consistently outperformed Pacific Challenger 1 in both yield and quality.

Pacific Challenger 1 has been withdrawn and Pacific Challenger 2 has been renamed "Pacific Challenger". The term "Challenger" reflecting the challenging nature of the research required to develop a Phytophthora tolerant variety.

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Pacific Endeavour F1

Pacific Endeavour F1 produces spears early in the season, especially in temperate to cool growing environments.
This makes it the perfect choice for getting into the market early, and getting higher returns.

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Pacific Summit F1

Pacific Summit F1 produces an all green spear with an extremely tight tip, up to 35cm, making it excellent for production in moderate to hot growing environments.

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Pacific Green.jpg

Pacific Green F1

Bred for its exceptional tip quality, Pacific Green F1 performs very well in the warm continental climates of southern Europe.

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Pacific Purple

Super sweet asparagus with distinctive dark purple spears.

Perfect for growing as purple or super sweet white spears

Pacific Purple_edited.png
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