Pacific Challenger F1


Pacific Challenger F1 is the world's first Phytophthora tolerant asparagus variety.

Phytophthora rot is an important fungal disease of asparagus in many countries of the world including North, Central and South America, England and Europe, Asia, and Australasia. The disease causes establishment failures and can reduce yields by over 50%.

Pacific Challenger trial results in several countries show the new Phytophthora-tolerant asparagus not only survive the ravages of the disease but produce higher yields than some of the best varieties currently available. 

Yield Graph 11 Jan 2020.jpg

Pacific Challenger is a mid season variety.​

Spears suited for processing, local or export fresh markets. 

Seed of Pacific Challenger is free of Asparagus Virus 1, Asparagus Virus 2 and Tobacco Streak Virus.

An extended bed life using Pacific Challenger, results in a cost saving to the grower.

For maximum yields, a planting density of 35-40,000 plants/ha is recommended.

Plant at 15-20 cm deep.


What is the difference between
Pacific Challenger 1 and 2?

Here we listen to Dr Peter Falloon explain the differences between the two hybrids of Pacific Challenger; both are resistant to Phytophthora however, as Pacific Challenger 1 was never released commercially, it has been discarded.

We now only sell Pacific Challenger 2, as PACIFIC CHALLENGER

"Pacific Challenger

is very resistant to


- Geoff Lewis from Lewis farms, Horowhenua NZ

Geoff is one of the largest growers of asparagus in New Zealand. He is one of our most loyal customers and has been using our varieties for many years. Hear what Geoff has to say about Pacific Challenger