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With many top-quality asparagus varieties and over 40 years of experience, let your ASPARAGUS JOURNEY start here.

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Dr Peter Falloon

(B. Agr. Sci (Hons 1) PhD)

  • 40 years of asparagus breeding 

  • Commercial grower and marketing experience

  • Recipient of Lifetime Achievement Award to NZ Asparagus Industry

  • Horticulture NZ Industry Award

  • Contributed to over 100 publications

Consultancy services can be offered in most aspects of asparagus culture including:

  • Varieties

  • Pest and Disease Control

  • Water Management

  • Nutrient Management

  • Weed Control

  • Harvest Management – automation, root carbohydrate management

  • Post Harvest – cool chain management, packing and logistics

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