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International Growers

We ship our asparagus seed all around the world. For international growers, we provide:

  • Quality seed 

  • Worldwide shipping

  • Phytosanitary certificate provided if required

  • Details of purity, LOT #, germination provided

  • Consultancy offered

Growers: Quality Control

New Zealand Growers

For NZ growers, Aspara Pacific is here to help you establish a high health asparagus bed that will set the foundations for a long and profitable crop.


We can offer asparagus seed of our different varieties that can be used for growing seedling transplants. Minimum order 1 kg (approx 35,000 seeds). OR


High health asparagus crowns grown to order of your choice of varieties. These are ready for transplanting in September- October the year after ordering. CLICK HERE to order your crowns 

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Growers: Quality Control
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