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Pacific Endeavour F1

Endeavour: Find a Dealer

Pacific Endeavour F1 is a vigorous clonal hybrid that thrives in temperate and cool growing environments.

In temperate regions, Pacific Endeavour produces a high proportion of its spears in early to mid- season. 

Pacific Endeavour performs exceptionally well in replant soils.

Spears of Pacific Endeavour are green and are medium to large in diameter.

Seed of Pacific Endeavour is free of Asparagus Virus 1, Asparagus Virus 2 and Tobacco Streak Virus. Freedom from Asparagus Virus 2 means Pacific Endeavour is less susceptible to Fusarium rot.

For maximum yields, a planting density of 35-40,000 plants/ha is recommended.

For green asparagus, plant at 10-15cm deep.

"[Endeavour]...  is proving to be a variety that can withstand a replant"

- Colin Petterson from Petterson Asparagus, Horowhenua NZ

Colin is the owner of Petterson Asparagus. Hear what Colin has to say about his success with Endeavour in replant ground

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